e enjte, 27 dhjetor 2007

Christmas Pictures...

Anna and Rutha enjoying Christmas dinner

Josiah savoring his Christmas Tree cookie

The soldier Christmas outfits are so random and funny

Me and Haba
The kids delivered small packages of cookies and candy to the neighboring villagers.

Susan and Baby Faith. Everyone looked so nice in their new Christmas clothes!
Cute Lona and Jane
These puffy white dresses were my favorite! They look like flower-girl wannabes :)

Tabitha chowing down

Away in a Manger...

The Christmas drama was a success and the kids looked so great in their bedsheet costumes. (Even the ones who modified their costumes a bit....)
Angels- Boy Emmanuel and Benson
Simeon, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus (played by Cyprus, Daniel, Mary and baby Faith)

The shepherds-- Yoli, John and Baraka. So cute!

Notice one of the sheep has his mask on upside down :) (sheep played by Nicholas, Ema and Job)

Christmas and Cookies

The kids enjoyed their Christmas Eve cookie party!

e enjte, 20 dhjetor 2007

Christmas Time!

Christmas is in the air! The kids had a great time making ornaments, decorating the dining hall and baking LOTS of cookies!

e enjte, 13 dhjetor 2007

Another Birthday Party...

November's birthday party was another good time. This month we introduced the kids to "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". It was a fun party!

Cooking Class

One Saturday a month, Farrah and I host a cooking class with the older girls. We kicked it off this month and the girls had a blast making "Death by Chocolate Cake". First things first: Make sure there is plenty of fire under the oven!

e hënë, 3 dhjetor 2007

A Few Random Pictures

Farrah and charming, precious Charles.
Baraka in the clinic. He is a favorite of mine...such a sweet, tender-hearted boy!
Susan is really playing up her "illness" so she doesn't have to go back to class. I'm not convinced...

Bendita sweeping the dirt. What a sweet girl she is!

Some of our village patients...

Isn't she a little doll?
This mother is a member of our church and came to our clinic for a few prenatal visits. She came in one day carrying this baby and grinning from ear to ear. It took me a few minutes to realize she was just visiting the clinic to show off her newest baby. What a blessing he is!

e diel, 2 dhjetor 2007


Coach and Nancy introduced the kids to Bingo. They are HUGE fans! On game nights, the big kids get to come into the dining hall and play rowdy games of Bingo by latern light. Fun! :)

These pictures of from their first Bingo night. Victoria is happy for her win
Everyone is SO focused

e shtunë, 17 nëntor 2007

Another Goodbye

On Saturday we will be saying goodbye to one of our Sudan family members. Christina is returning home to the States and will be greatly missed by everyone at Harvesters :(

I am posting several pctures from her going away party last Saturday.
Lance made a campfire for s'mores!Farrah and me

Lance and Tara roasting marshmellows

Coach and Nancy
Christina and Tara

e shtunë, 10 nëntor 2007

A Home Visit

rove Farrah and I (and a bunch of our girls) went to visit Charity and her new baby. I took these pictures along the way. Susan and Joice Sunday hamming for the cameraCharity and her baby girl The older girls with their colorful umbrellas

Eva and Farrah

e premte, 9 nëntor 2007

Free Time

I snapped these pictures on Sunday afternoon when everyone was enjoying their favorite hobbies... Helen and Mary tending to their garden.
Alex playing with him homemade game-- the object is to balance the round disk with a stick while it rolls. Who needs fancy battery operated games??

Baby, oh Baby

I have a hard time picking my "favorite" age group. Today it's the toddlers because they are just so darn cute.
This is me and my little muffin-man, Josiah.

Sweet Baby Lillias.