e shtunë, 17 nëntor 2007

Another Goodbye

On Saturday we will be saying goodbye to one of our Sudan family members. Christina is returning home to the States and will be greatly missed by everyone at Harvesters :(

I am posting several pctures from her going away party last Saturday.
Lance made a campfire for s'mores!Farrah and me

Lance and Tara roasting marshmellows

Coach and Nancy
Christina and Tara

e shtunë, 10 nëntor 2007

A Home Visit

rove Farrah and I (and a bunch of our girls) went to visit Charity and her new baby. I took these pictures along the way. Susan and Joice Sunday hamming for the cameraCharity and her baby girl The older girls with their colorful umbrellas

Eva and Farrah

e premte, 9 nëntor 2007

Free Time

I snapped these pictures on Sunday afternoon when everyone was enjoying their favorite hobbies... Helen and Mary tending to their garden.
Alex playing with him homemade game-- the object is to balance the round disk with a stick while it rolls. Who needs fancy battery operated games??

Baby, oh Baby

I have a hard time picking my "favorite" age group. Today it's the toddlers because they are just so darn cute.
This is me and my little muffin-man, Josiah.

Sweet Baby Lillias.

e shtunë, 3 nëntor 2007

Home Economics

The older girls had a cooking class today with Mama Shay. They had a lot of fun and made a delicious peanut butter sheet cake! I didn't help but they still shared their final product with me. Yum!Charity adding the icing...

Anna, Victoria, Winny, Helen and Mary