e diel, 27 korrik 2008

Meal Time!

I love that Milton and Angillo are reading a book at dinner. So cute!

After each meal, the kids come rinse their plates in the basin. I love how focused they look in these pictures...they really are fun kids!

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Final Cooking Class

On Saturday I had my final cooking class with the oldest girls. We made Lemon Bars and had a great time! Pictured above is Eva stirring the big pot of cabbage for lunch. That wasn't part of our class...she was just being helpful.

Of course, it was hard for the girls to stay focused because the little kids were watching a DVD in the dining hall (thanks to the projecter donated by Tara's church!!). They really wanted to watch the movie with the little ones.

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e shtunë, 26 korrik 2008

Sunday School

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of teaching Sunday School to the oldest class. This class includes about 15 young teens and is a mix between orphans and village kids. I love this class! The kids are so energized and eager to learn. And, they actually listen to me, which I find to be the truly remarkable thing. I always have such a good time when I teach this class!

This is me and Charity (peach dress) and three village kids after Sunday School.

After my class was over, I headed to the toddler class to play with my little ones. I love these kids too...but they are far less inclined to listen to me

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A Day in Town

Last Saturday I took 2 of the young teen girls to town for new Church shoes. We had a fun time shopping, but I was amazed at how "out of touch" they thought me to be. Not one shoe I suggested was considered! I finally stopped making suggestions and let them gravitate to the perfect pair of dress shoes all on their own. What do I know about fashion?? I'm sooo old.

After I finished shopping with the girls, I meyt a Kenyan friend, Kelly, for lunch and more shopping. In the last several months we have noticed a much heavier Muslim presence in the South and my outfit on the left represents that. No I did not buy this...what ever you call it...but I did consider it. Hey, if you have to be covered from head to toe, you might as well do it in sequins!
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Kids in the Clinic

The clinic has become quite the place to "see and be seen" in the mornings. Everyone who would rather put off school for a couple more glorious minutes comes to the clinic with tales of tummy aches and wounds. As you can see, they look terrible "ill", huh?

These are three of our orphans, Grace, Joice and Grace, holding triplets on our formula program, Grace, Rejoice and Blessing. The big girls are very good helpers and love playing "house" with small babies.
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e hënë, 14 korrik 2008

More random pictures

Sometimes it is impossible to get the kids to take a picture without making goofy faces! Sunday was one of those days.

I love watching the kids eat. The manage to completely clean their plates at EVERY meal :)

Eli and Hanna...this is one set of twins on the compound. We have 5 sets total. These cuties are two years old. They are so much fun!

Random pictures

These are some of our preschoolers at church. I'm going to miss these kids!!

This is Hakeem...our newest orphan. I think this is the only time he's smiled at me. He's finally coming out of his shell :). Cute boy!

Me and Whinny....a face can say so much.

Our middle age boys. I really love this age group...they have such energy and joy. I am going to miss these kids too...
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e shtunë, 5 korrik 2008

Football Match

The boys of Harvesters Christian School had their first football match today. We took about 50 kids along to watch and cheer them on. They did awesome and they looked slick in their uniforms. Definitely a great group of boys!

I love this picture of Nelson...he looks so intense.

The boys celebrating the first goal of the game!
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