e diel, 28 tetor 2007

Pinata Birthday!

Noela and Naomi

Today was the monthly birthday celebration. Tara made a Pinata- we didn't have paint, so it looks a little homemade, but the kids loved it. They thought it was hilarious to see the birthday kids swing (blind-folded) at the pinata! But, when the candy broke (and fell around my feet) I was almost injured in the stampede!

Aaron Mawa

Lillias taking a turn at the pinata

e enjte, 25 tetor 2007

Search for Red Peppers

The kids took Farrah and I to find red peppers. They grow behind the orphanage and Farrah needed them to make pico de gallo. Like most things enjoyed with children, this turned into an adventure. On the way to the peppers, they found abandoned corn, passion fruit (that was not ripe, very bitter and nasty-- and the kids gobbled them up) and some other large green veggie. They all kept their finds like little treasures. This is a picture of Grace and Ruta holding their treasures.

This is the kids showing me the red peppers (they were each an inch in size but packed a mean punch!)

e premte, 19 tetor 2007

Plaited Hair

This afternoon I was hanging out with the housemothers during their break. Before I knew it I had 2 pairs of hands in my hair. In about 10 minutes they had my hair completely braided. They gushed at how beautiful it was. I thought it looked absolutely ridiculous on me (the other Kawaajas called me both Heidi and Princess Laia), but the Africans raved at my marvelous new 'do. I decided to keep it for the day to be polite to my stylists....

e mërkurë, 17 tetor 2007


The magic of Spider-Man is, apparently, universal. The kids here LOVE all things related (thanks to the various Sunday afternoon movies they get to watch EVER week in the dining hall!).

This is a picture of Ema who received a nasty bump to the head in some 7-year-old boy way. He was all tears and frowns until I showed him a mirror to check out his band-aid. Spider-Man!

He, despite the pain, flashed a shy Ema grin in return. And, he wore the band-aid for many days longer than needed. He was the envy of every boy age 4-14!

That shy Ema grin.

e diel, 7 tetor 2007

When being far from home is hard...

Joseph on the right. In the gray top.
Next to him Gus, on the left, Jon. Kinfolk of Jen and Jason.

Today Joseph is running in his very first marathon. As we speak, he is in the finishing leg of the 2007 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.

He began running at 4pm, my time. Every hour I have guessed his distance and said a prayer. I don't know why I am so nervous, but I've been a wreck all day.

At 9pm my time, I called my friend Angela who is waiting at the finishing line. She told me he is almost at done. She also said the race was officially canceled at noon (8pm my time) due to the extreme heat (like Sudan in January, she says!) and water shortage. I googled it. Sure enough, it was.

Joseph is almost done and I am so proud of him!

And I should mention (so this entry has something to do with Africa...) this is the fifth year in a row that a Kenyan has won the race. 2 hours 11 minutes and 11 secs. It's true, Africans are fast :)

Can you see Joseph at the start line??

*Update: Joseph finished the marathon and did a great job! Yea, Joey! :)