e enjte, 25 tetor 2007

Search for Red Peppers

The kids took Farrah and I to find red peppers. They grow behind the orphanage and Farrah needed them to make pico de gallo. Like most things enjoyed with children, this turned into an adventure. On the way to the peppers, they found abandoned corn, passion fruit (that was not ripe, very bitter and nasty-- and the kids gobbled them up) and some other large green veggie. They all kept their finds like little treasures. This is a picture of Grace and Ruta holding their treasures.

This is the kids showing me the red peppers (they were each an inch in size but packed a mean punch!)

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Marlain tha...

I've found your blog recently through the Harvester's newsletter. It's been great to read through old posts from your time there and catch up. I now eagerly await your posts and pictures (my favorite part!).
We are friends of Shay (who I guess is on her way there to the Sudan this week). We have been following her quest for an adoption policy there in the Sudan. So we pray for the children there all the time. Your blog is so great because you share fun little stories and also great pictures of these beautiful children.
Hug them all for me - a little Ft. Worth Mommy! And be sure to keep posting because you have another eager reader of all your posts!

amy tha...

mexican food in SUDAN?!? what is this world coming to?!