e enjte, 8 shkurt 2007

Volleyball, Guacamole and Dutch Blitz: Missionaries Gone Wild

I have been in Sudan almost a month. Some moments it feels like I’ve barely blinked. In other moments I feel like I’ve been here 6 months. This week has been a good one though— I am beginning to find my way. My Arabic is improving. My clinical skills are improving. And, I’m far less afraid of insects. Today I took a shower even though a spider had taken up residency on my shampoo bottle. And, some nights, as I am tucking in my mosquito-netted fortress, I marvel at how positively primitive I am—I hardly mind my lizard roommates!

This week my friend Tara, a missionary I met on the plane to Yei, came to stay the week. She brought with her Dutch Blitz, a very exciting card game. On Thursday Farrah came and was the answer to many personal prayers:

“Dear God, please send another nurse. Preferably someone fun. And, laid-back. And, God, can she be someone I enjoy spending time with? Amen”

He hand-picked Farrah. I knew I could count on Him.

Tonight, the three of us--as well as Lance, Christina and Mindy (all 20 something missionaries at Harvesters) went to play volleyball, have dinner and socialize with other missionaries living in Yei. Someone even made guacamole. It almost felt like I was home…