e enjte, 7 gusht 2008

More Final Days

Thomas and me on the day before my departure.

This is Mama Rubaga bathing little Naomi. I love watching the mamas bathe the babies...so cute!

Several days before I left, Grace Muding sustained an eye injury (hence the eye patch). She had to fly to Kampala for surgery three days after I left Harvesters. Pray for her recovery!!

I love my toddlers and little kiddos. These three were fake laughing for me while I snapped their photos. They were really hamming it up and it was entirely cute!! Gosh, I miss these kids.
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Final Days in Sudan

My final church service the Sunday before I left. The kids have enjoyed playing the new (battery powered, of course) keyboard. Alex Taban is a natural.

Two of the young girls, Sarah Kiden and Lusiya. These are sweet girls!

This is Nicholas Likambu. I really love this boy and he loves me. The night before I left Harvesters he came to my door with this picture he made for me. It says "Thank you Emily for your good love". I miss this boy!!

This is two more young girls, Bendita and Yanga Yanga. They are drawing me pictures to take home.
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