e premte, 30 maj 2008

Vacation Bible School!

Bubble fun!!

Amy is a great teacher and the kids LOVE her!

Ema loves craft time

Nicholas looks cool in his pirate bandana and VBS shirt!

e enjte, 29 maj 2008

Pictures from the week

Me and Aquie at church on Sunday

Sydney, Amy and Victoria at our Monday night time with the big sisters

Jen and a village kid at church

Jen and Eva making cards on Monday

e enjte, 15 maj 2008

Happy Mother's Day

On Sunday we honored the mothers in our church family. The kids sang songs and recited poems they had written for the occasion. It was a very special day at Harvesters.

All of the mothers of the church came forward for prayer.

e martë, 6 maj 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

Sunday was my birthday and I had a great birthday weekend. The kids were all quick to wish me a "happy birthday party" and sing me "Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.". They sing the song broken-record style...

Some of my friends from other NGOs came and we had a girl's night with fudge, pedicures and chick-flicks.
My yummy pumpkin cake.

Asunta at church on my birthday.
The kids jump-roping in honor of my "happy birthday".

It was a great 27th birthday!

e enjte, 1 maj 2008

Hangin' out...

Hanging out by the clinic: Asiki, Thomas, Peace, Me, Noela and Sarah Lilly.

The kids love taking pictures and being in pictures!

Welcome Back

The kids were very happy to greet Nancy and Coach when they returned from their trip to the States. They formed several long lines and sang a welcome song as they entered the gates.

The girls look very cute in their school uniforms.

Even the toddlers came out to greet "Mama Nancy and Papa Coach" :)

I scream, you scream....

The ice cream man came and made 120+ ice cream cones for the kids. They enjoyed the cold, afternoon treat VERY much!
And, when I say "ice cream cone", I really mean raspberry-flavored, sugar ice in a plastic bag.

The kids were very excited for the sweet surprise!