e martë, 6 maj 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

Sunday was my birthday and I had a great birthday weekend. The kids were all quick to wish me a "happy birthday party" and sing me "Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.". They sing the song broken-record style...

Some of my friends from other NGOs came and we had a girl's night with fudge, pedicures and chick-flicks.
My yummy pumpkin cake.

Asunta at church on my birthday.
The kids jump-roping in honor of my "happy birthday".

It was a great 27th birthday!

2 komente:

amy tha...

what a wonderful birthday!! I know it's one you will never forget. I can't wait to celebrate again in just a few days!!

Amber tha...

Oh my...are you already 27??? I missed a year. Oh, yes, you have been away...of course I missed a year! You are so special and I love you. Happy late bday. Now, come home!