e diel, 29 qershor 2008

More June Pictures

The kids have been doing "service projects" this week as part of their Sunday school lessons. They approached me every day with the question "how can we serve you today?" (very sweet!). I ran out of ideas on day 2 and so I had them "serve" me by decorating my room with art. They enjoyed that project very much :)

They really took their time and made me some beautiful artwork!

This is a group of kids that love to hang out by the clinic. From left to right: Me, Aaron, Sarah, Esther, Kila, Josiah and Charles. Cute kids!
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June Pictures

Me and Charity at church several Sundays ago

This is Sylvia, Joice and Susan. They are looking sly because I just caught them eating white ants during church. Yuck.

This is our children's choir and band. Alex Taban, one of our older orphans, is playing the "adungu"

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e enjte, 12 qershor 2008

Our New Playground

I don't know which is more fun...

The slides....

The fireman pole...

The rockclimbing wall...
Or the toddler zone!
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Our New Playground

Nicholas and Alex enjoying the curly slide
Boy and Yoli racing up the ladder
Guya loves the slide the most...just ask him!

Our newest orphan, Hakeem, enjoying his first playground experience
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e diel, 8 qershor 2008

Hangin' Out Pictures.

Alex Ada is just being cool.

I love this picture of Cecilia. I am not sure what was so funny, but her laugh was contagious :)

Me and my friends-- Victoria, Eva and Charity. These girls are fun!

Can Obediah and Charles BE any cuter?!