e shtunë, 26 korrik 2008

A Day in Town

Last Saturday I took 2 of the young teen girls to town for new Church shoes. We had a fun time shopping, but I was amazed at how "out of touch" they thought me to be. Not one shoe I suggested was considered! I finally stopped making suggestions and let them gravitate to the perfect pair of dress shoes all on their own. What do I know about fashion?? I'm sooo old.

After I finished shopping with the girls, I meyt a Kenyan friend, Kelly, for lunch and more shopping. In the last several months we have noticed a much heavier Muslim presence in the South and my outfit on the left represents that. No I did not buy this...what ever you call it...but I did consider it. Hey, if you have to be covered from head to toe, you might as well do it in sequins!
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