e diel, 13 prill 2008

I never posted Easter pictures!

Sarah Lilly and Margaret enjoying their hot Easter tea.

Easter morning...our children singing an energetic song for the church.

After church the congregation enjoyed hot tea and mendezies. This is Hanna and Eli...they are twins and approaching 2 years old!

This is Josiah. At 3 years old he already knows how to cool off his (boiling) hot tea. He pours from cup to cup until the steam is gone. Smart kid.

The kids enjoyed their first Easter egg hunt several days after Easter. It was a chore for the staff, but every single kid ended up with one egg! :)

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Dave tha...

Hi, This may seem obscure but can you tell me what 'mendezies' are? Great blogging!
Dave - Ireland

amy tha...

is that Gabriel back there throwing a fit??