e enjte, 16 gusht 2007

I have arrived!

I arrived in Yei, Sudan a week and a half ago. The days here are long and busy, but life is much simpler- no fuss over what to wear, no sitting in traffic, no processed foods, no polluted air. And, though I’ve been busy, life has been rather peaceful. It’s rainy season here, so everything is lush and green and absolutely beautiful.

My days have been spent in a variety of ways. I traveled over with a team of 8, and so I’ve split my time between them and the clinic. Luckily there are two other nurses here presently (though, they will be leaving in September and October), so I’ve been able to explore a bit.

My team left today, so that was a sad goodbye. It is my day off, so after taking them to the airstrip, Christina (other missionary) and I went to town and had chips and soda for lunch. It was a good American meal, although the ketchup here is more like tomato jelly…

Anyway, I will leave you for now, but will update more pictures and maybe a video when I get the chance.

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