e enjte, 16 gusht 2007

Silly Kawaaja

Every night before bed, I do one last round in the dorms. Because malaria symptoms tend to have their onset at night, many children begin feeling sick around bedtime. During nightly rounds I walk through each of the four dorms and make sure no one is getting sick. I touch foreheads and ask everyone if they are ok. Generally, I have complaints of tummy aches, headaches or coughs. Because the housemothers don’t speak English, I’ve been asking them “Ana kwes?”. I thought that meant “are you good?”. I learned today that for the past 5 days I’ve been walking through the dorms saying “I am good?”.

No wonder the housemothers always say “ay” (yes) with a smirk…

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Jen tha...

ahahahahahah...they are probably thinking "those Americans need so much praise"


miss you but so glad for the updates and knowing you are doing well. Can't wait to see pictures. :)