e enjte, 20 shtator 2007

I am woman, see my build

The women on our compound wanted a bookshelf in the Pyat (the common space where we eat our meals) to store our growing number of community books. The men, less interested, suggested that, perhaps, we should build it ourselves.

Not wanting to seem incapable, we informed the men that we were, in fact, rather talented and resourceful women. A bookshelf was no great obstacle.

After a week of being “too busy to start our project”, Tara had a great plan. The plan required no sawing or nailing and absolutely NO carpentry skills. The resulting bookshelf made Tara, Farrah and I glow with pride.

The men called it “Sudanese Ugly”.

What do they know?

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amy tha...

I think your bookshelf is BEAUTIFUL!!! You ladies are very resourceful, and I am extremely proud of your new completion. What does Lance know?!?