e premte, 28 shtator 2007

Role Call

These are the missionaries I am working with in Sudan. I am truly blessed to be able to work (and live) with people who are fun, dedicated and interesting! I was afraid I would be lonely or bored, but they make sure I'm not!

God provides all of my needs...even my social ones!

Tara (teacher), Mindy (nurse who just returned to the States) and Christina (school administrator)

Mindy, Tara and Lance (director of Harvesters. The "boss man")

Farrah and I- Farrah is another nurse, staying until March!

Chuck and Gloria -- short term missionaries who are returning to the States in 2 weeks

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John Clemente, Albany NY tha...


I notice that Gloria and Chuck Mckinnis are part of the effort there. You mention they plan to return to the US "in a couple of weeks". Have they left yet?

and thank you for the good work you are doing. Regards,
John Clemente
Albany NY