e shtunë, 29 shtator 2007

Birthday Sparklers and an African Hail Storm

Today was our monthly birthday party. On the last Saturday of every month, we celebrate all the birthdays for that month. Although birthdays are not celebrated in this culture, the kids really enjoy the party. The birthday kids got a small bag of goodies and everyone enjoyed juice and cookies-- a happy time at the compound!

This month Christina bought back sparklers from Uganda. John is having a hard time containing his excitement...

Esther, Me and Estella

And, after we enjoyed the festivities, as if on que, a storm blew through the compound. Hail rained down for almost 30 minutes! We were in the dining hall, roofed in tin, so the noise was deafening. But, as soon as the kids spotted the hail, they were on a mission...a mission to collect as many ice balls as possible. It looked sort of like an Easter egg hunt. A terrible, cold, wet Easter egg hunt...

Yoli and Manuel
Susan was drenched and ICE cold. A better nurse would have probably stopped the kids from dashing through the icey cold rain. But, c'mon, these are the memories from childhood that stick with you! How often does it hail in Africa?! :)

Cecilia enjoying her hunt for hail balls

How in the world can Elijah sleep through all the noise?!

What a Saturday!

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